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  • A selection of talented emerging designers

  • Premium brands with a creative and ethical positioning

  • Territorial exclusivity in your city

  • Sale-or-Return option at the end of the season 

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  • The possibility to personally meet the brands in our Parisian Showroom

  • Reduced minimum order starting at 300 euros

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Through its B2B digital showroom, L'Artyrie aims to develop the wholesale B2B distribution network of its selection of creative and premium emerging brands.

To deploy this B2B digital strategy, L'Artyrie has chosen to team up with the digital platform Le New Black, the leading B2B marketplace for contemporary and high-end brands.

Professional buyers use this platform to find and purchase the latest products that will be available in their store(s) over the coming seasons.


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Conceived for fashion professionals, this B2B digital platform has all the necessary functionalities required to facilitate the relationship between brands and boutiques. The brands are presented in a professional manner using a user experience similar to that of a traditional e-commerce site, but incorporating B2B features: wholesale and RRP prices, production lead times, material/color combinations, the possibility of importing/exporting line sheets, the ability to access digital line sheets offline using the iPad app, creation and validation of order forms, appointment scheduling, etc.


Since the wholesale conditions have a confidential nature, the marketplace is not accessible to the general public. All product sheets are only visible to B2B buyers who have already been registered and authenticated by NewBlack or by means of a personal invitation generated by the brand’s account. Each brand then submits for validation - or not - an order according to its distribution strategy (store positioning, territorial exclusivity, etc.).

This platform - which has been operating for more than 10 years and is financed by the Zalando fund - hosts both prestigious luxury brands (Kenzo, Rimowa, Lancaster, Paco Rabanne, Tory Burch...), major premium brands (IKKS, Sessùn, Léonard Paris, Bellerose. .) but also established emerging designers (Amiri, Maison Labiche, Atelier Paulin, Lemaire, Avnier, Kujten...) as well as more exclusive talented designer brands (Benjamin Benmoyal, Blue Marble, Les Benjamins, De Bonne facture, NKH Paris...).

With this perspective in mind, L'Artyrie seeks to give exhibiting brands the benefit of this synergy to further develop the Showroom's B2B relationships.

There are more than 25,000 active buyers (concept stores, multi-brand boutiques, department stores) on this platform: