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Palazzo Room, Normandy Hotel - 7 rue de l'échelle, 75001 Paris


The current health crisis has raised several issues that have led to an increase in unsold items and overstock for both designers and multi-brand stores.

It is in this context that L'Artyrie has developed a new outlet concept for designers and multi-brand retailers that allows them to clear out their old collections through a dynamic and premium synergy.


The next outlet pop-up will take place from September 2021 in a prestigious space: the "Il Palazzo" room of the Normandy Hotel, located in the very heart of the St-Honoré district.

This outlet pop-up store allows fashion professionals (major brands, independent designers, multi-brand stores, wholesalers, etc.) to clear their stocks at preferential prices for items that cannot be sold at their regular price (end-of-series items, prototypes, runway pieces, press returns, etc.).


  • Clear out items that can no longer be sold at the regular price (end of series, press returns, runway pieces, prototypes, customer returns, old collections, display items, etc.)

  • Sell your unsold items in a prestigious setting located right in the heart of Paris

  •  Make new customers discover your brand and build brand loyalty

  •  Contribute to reducing the carbon impact associated with production by planting a tree for each purchase made at the L'Artyrie outlet

  •  Benefit from L'Artyrie's physical and digital communication strategy and network


The Normandy Hotel on rue St-Honoré .

L'Artyrie is setting up its outlet pop-up in the stunning and unique NORMANDY Hotel - located in the very heart of the Parisian golden triangle between rue Saint-Honoré and boulevard de l'Opéra. 

As part of the development of this new experiential hotel concept, the Normandy Hotel has entrusted L'Artyrie with "Il Palazzo", the hotel's most majestic room, as the setting for its designer outlet pop-up store. 

Choosing this location was no accident. On top of its noble and central positioning, the hotel, located on rue Saint-Honoré and facing rue de Rivoli, benefits from a dynamic synergy with the biggest luxury brands in the area: Vivienne Westwood, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Balenciaga, APC, Stone Island, Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, The Kooples, Fusalp, Ba&sh, etc. 

Consequently, international tourists passing through Paris, loyal Parisian customers of the major fashion houses and professionals of the fashion industry are invited to discover the designer collections featured on the premises. 

Soirée fête hôtel Normandy
Soirée fête hôtel Normandy

Hôtel Normandy Paris : 254 rue St-Honoré
Hôtel Normandy Paris : 254 rue St-Honoré

Entrée hôtel Normandy 7 rue de l'échelle
Entrée hôtel Normandy 7 rue de l'échelle

Soirée fête hôtel Normandy
Soirée fête hôtel Normandy



The pop-up store space: the "Il Palazzo" room .

L'Artyrie was entrusted with the majestic "Il Palazzo" room at the Normandy Hotel to set up its pop-up store.

Ceiling moldings, frescoes, marble, columns, chandeliers: there is no doubt that we are standing in the majestic Paris that makes the whole world dream!

This impressive Napoleon III style exhibition space extends over 160m2 and will be hosting some 20 to 30 brands simultaneously for this year's L’Artyrie Outlet.

This outstanding space is located directly at the entrance of the hotel at 7 rue de l'Échelle and is conveniently located at the heart of the prestigious and dynamic St-Honoré district.


  • Social media posts: promotion of the event before and during the pop-up store via posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram

  • Facebook Ads: creation of a sponsored Facebook event targeting a perimeter of 2km around the pop-up store during the event + targeting specific areas of interest (ethical fashion, made in France, fashion designers, shopping, etc.) + retargeting (budget allocated for display advertising with a minimum reach of 150K)

  • Exhibitor invitations: each exhibitor will be able to issue a certain number of invitations to their network of customers

  • Partner invitations: a certain number of invitations will be provided to our partners (media, press, stylists, photographers, fashion professionals, fashion schools, etc.)

  • E-mail marketing campaigns: sending out invitations through our newsletter to our database of over 15,000 people compiled since the beginning of L'Artyrie Paris over 2 years ago

  • Press relations: press release regarding the event submitted to mainstream and specialized media

  • Event listing: listing of the event on specialized websites and agendas (sortiràparis, quefaireàparis, etc.) 

  • Influencer partnerships: promotion of the event through selected influencer partners, including the organization of contests offering invitations and vouchers to their subscribers


Each purchase at the L'Artyrie Outlet
1 tree planted

As we all know, the fashion industry is an industry that pollutes and uses a lot of natural resources.

No matter how eco-friendly it may be, the development of a fashion brand inevitably entails a significant carbon footprint.

As a result, L'Artyrie has decided to take concrete action by committing to planting a tree for every purchase made at our L'Artyrie Outlet events.


This means that the carbon footprint required to manufacture the item being purchased can be reduced by planting a tree.

This mission is accomplished through a partnership with Planète Urgence, a non-profit organization operating in 19 countries and supported by over 10,000 volunteers.

Thanks to the different actions that have been implemented, Planète Urgence has already succeeded in planting more than 10 million trees and distributing more than 175,000 school supply kits.


  • To be a fashion professional (an established brand, an independent designer or a multi-brand store)

  • To sell a premium collection with a contemporary and ethical positioning

  • To show consistency between your brand and our editorial approach and ethical values

  • To have a coherent and accomplished brand image along with professionally produced visual material

  • To sell new and contemporary items free of major defects

  • To offer a minimum discount of 20% off the regular retail price

  • To refrain from producing items specifically intended for discount sales


Outlet standard


  • 1-meter (3,3 ft.) wide exhibition furniture (choose between one rack, one table or one shelf)

  • A storage bench (2,6 ft. x 1,31 ft. - 80cmx40cm)


  • 20 invitations to the event for your clients

Outlet premium


  • 2-meter (6.6 ft.) wide exhibition furniture (choose 2 items: a rack and/or a table and/or a shelf)

  • 2 storage benches (2,6 ft. x 1,31 ft. - 80cmx40cm)

  • 50 invitations to the event for your clients

  • 2 drinks at the hotel bar 

Outlet VIP


  • 2-meter (6.6 ft.) wide exhibition furniture (choose 2 items: a rack and/or a table and/or a shelf)

  • 2 storage benches (2,6 ft. x 1,31 ft. - 80cmx40cm)

  • Storage furniture in the storeroom

  • Unlimited invitations to the event for your clients

  • 2 drinks at the hotel bar 

  • A menu for 2 at the hotel restaurant  

  • Private fitting room

Price excluding VAT for the 3-day outlet pop-up store in September 2021 at the Palazzo room of the Normandy Hotel -

* Free participation at the outlet pop-up store for brands participating in the showroom over a 6-month period: more information



Steps to join the L'Artyrie’s Outlet event:

1) Please read carefully the explanatory presentation file available on this page.

Feel free to contact us  for any additional information or to schedule a visit to the space.

2) Fill in the form on the right, providing all the information about the package you have chosen.

3) Once we have analyzed your brand's positioning and universe, we will contact you within within a few days to let you know whether or not your brand has been selected for the event.

If you have been selected, we will send you the corresponding contract

4) Once the contract has been validated and we have received all the required documents, L'Artyrie's team will get in touch with you to prepare your participation in the outlet pop-up store.

To become part of the L'Artyrie outlet pop-up store, we select contemporary brands with a premium and eco-friendly positioning:

Choose a package:
Choose your furniture:

Foire aux questions :

J’ai d’autres questions, pouvons-nous prévoir une visite du showroom ou un appel téléphonique ?

Nous pouvons planifier un rendez-vous directement sur place au showroom ou prévoir un rendez-vous téléphonique, vous pouvez nous envoyer un email sur contact@lartyrie.fr ou utiliser le formulaire de contact.

Doit-on être présent pendant l’événement ?

Pour les pop-up stores, il est nécessaire qu'au moins une personne de votre équipe soit présente pour assurer les ventes pendant l'événement.

Quels types de marques sont exposées au pop-up store outlet ?

Nous intégrons uniquement des marques contemporaines qualitatives avec un positionnement premium et éco-responsable.
Nous n'intégrons pas des marques bas de gamme, mass market, à l'éthique discutable ou pas suffisamment professionnelles.

Puis-je vendre ma collection actuelle avec les tarifs normaux ?

Il est possible de vendre uniquement des pièces Outlet à des tarifs plus bas que ceux pratiqués habituellement : anciennes collections, fins de séries, prototypes, retours presse, pièces d'exposition, léger défaut de fabrication etc.

Y’a-t-il des commissions sur les ventes ?

Il n'y a aucune commission sur les ventes.

Le mobilier d’exposition est-il fourni ?

Le mobilier d'exposition est fourni pour l'événement. Selon les formules, vous avez la possibilité de disposer d'un portant, d'une table et/ou d'une étagère. Nous mettons également à votre disposition une banquette de rangement pour vos stocks supplémentaires, sacs, terminal de paiement etc.
Des cabines d'essayages sont également mises à disposition des marques exposantes.
Note : Il n'est pas possible d'apporter un mobilier supplémentaire

Puis-je apporter un mobilier supplémentaire ?

Il n'est pas possible d'apporter un mobilier supplémentaire autre que celui déjà fourni par l'Artyrie.

Il n'est ainsi pas possible d'ajouter des bustes ou des supports PLV sur pieds.

Combien de pièces puis-je exposer sur mon mobilier ?

Pour le choix "mobilier portant 1 mètre", il est possible d'exposer une 30aine de pièces sur cintre. Pour ce qui est table et étagère, tout cela dépend de la typologie de produits. Nous n'imposons pas un nombre de pièces maximum par mobilier mais nous demandons à ce que le mobilier soit rempli de façon raisonnable afin que le merchandising général reste qualitatif.
Nous nous réservons ainsi la possibilité de vous faire modifier l'aménagement de votre espace si nous estimons que le mobilier est trop surchargé. Note : vous avez la possibilité de réapprovisionner votre stock en cours d'événement.

Quand se fait l’installation et la désinstallation du pop-up ?

L'installation du pop-up store pour les exposants se fait le jour même le vendredi à partir de 9h afin que l'espace soit prêt pour l'ouverture au public programmée à partir de 11h.
La désinstallation se fera le dimanche à la fermeture à partir de 20h.

Que se passe-t-il s’il y a une mesure de confinement entre temps ?

En cas de mesure gouvernemantale de confinement, le pop-up store sera reporté à une date ultérieure.

Est-ce que l’entrée est libre pour les visiteurs ?

Dans un soucis de ciblage pertinent, l'entrée au pop-up store se fera uniquement sur invitation.

Un certain nombre d'invitations seront données aux exposants mais également à nos partenaires (presse, influenceurs, professionnels de la mode, base de données clients etc).

Puis-je mettre des affiches ou PLV sur mon espace ?

Dans un soucis d'homogéneité de l'espace, il n'est pas possible d'installer de PLV grands formats sur les espaces d'exposition. Il est néanmoins possible de mettre à disposition cartes de visite, flyers et lookbooks. Pour les exposants choisissant les mobiliers étagère ou table, il est possible d'installer une petite PLV si elle tient directement sur l'espace d'exposition et si elle est proportionnée par rapport à la taille de l'espace (exemple : cadre photo).
Nous n'autorisons ainsi pas les PLV sur pieds type kakemono.

L’espace est directement accessible sur rue ?

Le salon d'exposition "Il Palazzo" est situé au rez-de-chaussée de l'Hôtel Normandy. Son accès se fait donc par l'entrée principale de l'hôtel au 7 rue de l'échelle.

Puis-je fournir des invitations gratuites à mes clients ?

L'entrée au pop-up store outlet se fait uniquement par un ticket d'entrée payant ou sur invitation.
Toutes les marques exposantes auront à disposition un code individuel leur permettant de fournir à leurs clients des invitations gratuites pour l'évenement.

Y a t’il des cabines d’essayages ?

Plusieurs cabines d'essayages aménagées sur l'espace d'exposition sont mises à disposition de tous les exposants.

Y’a t-il un espace de stockage ?

Avec chaque mobilier fourni pour l'événement, nous mettons à disposition une banquette de rangement individuelle (80x40x40cm) vous permettant d'entreposer des pièces supplémentaires ainsi que vos supports de communication et affaires personnelles. Il est possible de réapprovisionner votre mobilier et banquette de rangement en cours d'événement.

Puis-je faire un réapprovisionnement de marchandise en cours d’événement ?

Il est possible de réapprovisionner votre espace en cours d'événement. Afin de ne pas perturber le bon fonctionnement de l'événement, le réapprovisionnement doit se faire entre 10h et 11h, juste avant l'ouverture au public programmée à partir de 11h.

Comment se font les encaissements ?

Les marques exposantes encaissent directement les clients sur place avec les moyens de paiement de leur choix (espèce, CB, chèques etc).

J'ai déjà participé à un événement de l'Artyrie, ai-je une remise spéciale pour participer à l'outlet ?

Tout à fait, en tant qu'adhérent au showroom de l'Artyrie sur 6 mois, la participation au pop-up store outlet est gratuite (avec l'offre "Outlet starter"). Pour les marques adheréntes au showroom sur 3 mois : remise de 50% sur toutes les formules. Vous bénéficiez de cette offre si vous êtes déjà exposant au showroom ou si vous avez signé pour une prochaine édition. Pour les marques ayant déjà participé à un autre événement de l'Artyrie (pop-up store, Who's next etc), vous bénéficiez d'office d'une remise de 20% sur toutes les formules.

Comment fonctionne le système un achat sur l'événement = un arbre planté ?

Avec l'Artyrie Outlet, nous souhaitons contribuer à des actions éco-responsables afin de compenser l'empreinte carbone de l'industrie de la mode. Ainsi, à chaque fin d'événement, nous demanderons à chaque marque exposante le nombre de pièces vendues (et non le chiffre d'affaire).
Nous comptabiliserons alors le nombre total de ventes puis nous effectuerons un don à Planète Urgence permettant la plantation d'autant d'arbres qu'il y a eu de ventes lors du pop-up store !

Frequently asked questions:

I still have questions; can we schedule a visit to the showroom or a phone call?

We can schedule an appointment directly at the showroom or schedule a phone call, please send us an email at contact@lartyrie.fr or use the contact form.

Is it necessary to be present during the event?

In the case of pop-up stores, it is required that at least one person from your team is present to ensure your sales during the event.

What type of brands are exhibited at the outlet pop-up store?

We only feature high-quality contemporary brands that have a premium and eco-friendly positioning. We don't integrate low-end, mass market, ethically questionable or not sufficiently professional brands.

Can I sell my current collection at the regular price?

You can only sell Outlet items at lower prices than usual: old collections, end of series, prototypes, press returns, display items, minor manufacturing defects, etc.

Are there any commissions on sales?

No, there is no commission on sales.

Is the exhibition furniture included?

The exhibition furniture is provided for the duration of the event. Depending on your package, you may be provided with a rack, a table and/or a shelf.

We also provide you with a storage bench for any additional stock, bags, payment terminals, etc. 
Fitting rooms are also available for all exhibiting brands.

Note: No extra furniture can be added.

Can I bring any additional furniture?

No, it is not allowed to bring in any additional furniture other than the one already provided by L'Artyrie.

For example, it is not allowed to bring in bust mannequins or free-standing POP stands.

How many items can I display on my furniture?

With the "1-meter / 3,3 ft wide furniture" option, you can exhibit around 30 pieces on hangers.

As for the table and the shelf, it all depends on the kind of items.

We do not limit the number of items per piece of furniture but we do ask that the furniture is reasonably filled so that the general display looks high-quality.

We reserve the right to modify the configuration of your space if we feel that the furniture is overloaded.

Note: you are allowed to restock at throughout the event.

What about the setting up and closing down of the pop-up store?

The setup of the pop-up store for the exhibitors is done on the same day, starting at 9am on Friday, to allow the space to be ready for the opening to the public at 11am.

The closing down of the pop-up store will take place on Sunday at 8pm.

What happens if there is a lockdown during this time frame?

Should there be a lockdown imposed by the government, the pop-up store will be postponed to a later date.

Is the entrance free for guests?

In order to ensure that the event is properly targeted, access to the pop-up store will be by invitation only.

A specific number of invitations will be given to both exhibitors and our partners (press, influencers, fashion professionals, customer database, etc.).

Can I place posters or POS material on my stand?

In order to ensure consistency throughout the venue, it is not allowed to install large-format POP material in the exhibition area.

However, it is perfectly possible to place business cards, flyers and lookbooks.

Exhibitors who choose shelves or tables can install small POP material if it fits within the exhibition space and if it is proportionate to the size of the space (e.g. photo frame).

We do not authorize the use of freestanding POP displays such as kakemonos.

Does the space have immediate access from the street?

The "Il Palazzo" showroom is located on the first floor of the Normandy Hotel. It is therefore accessible through the main entrance of the hotel located at 7 rue de l'échelle.

Can I give free invitations to my clients?

The entrance to the outlet pop-up store is only possible with a paid ticket or by invitation.

All exhibiting brands will have an individual code allowing them to provide their customers with free invitations to the event.

Are there fitting rooms available?

There are several fitting rooms available for all exhibitors on the exhibition floor.

Is there a storage space available?

For every piece of furniture provided for the event, we provide an individual storage bench (31.5x16x16in- 80x40x40cm) that allows you to store additional items as well as your promotional materials and personal belongings.

You can also restock the furniture and storage bench throughout the event.

Can I restock my merchandise during the event?

It is entirely possible to restock your space throughout the entire duration of the event.

However, in order not to disrupt the normal operation of the event, the restocking must be done between 10am and 11am, just before opening to the public at 11am.

How are payments collected?

Exhibiting brands collect directly from customers on the spot using the payment methods of their choice (cash, credit card, checks, etc.).

I have participated in a previous L’Artyrie event. Do I get a special discount for being part of the outlet?

Yes, if you have been a member of L'Artyrie's showroom for at least 6 months, you can participate in the pop-up store outlet for free (with the "Outlet starter" package). If your brand has been a member of the showroom for 3 months, you will receive a 50% discount on all packages.

You can benefit from this offer if you are already exhibiting at the showroom or if you have already registered for an upcoming edition.

For brands that have already been part of any other event organized by L'Artyrie (pop-up store, Who's next, etc.), you will automatically receive a 20% discount on all packages.

How does the “one purchase at the event = one tree planted” system work?

At L'Artyrie Outlet, we want to support eco-friendly actions to offset the fashion industry's carbon footprint.

So, at the end of each event, we will ask each exhibiting brand for the number of pieces sold (not their turnover).
We will then count the total number of sales and make a donation to Planète Urgence which will be used to plant as many trees as there were sales during the entire pop-up store!