Palazzo Room, Normandy Hotel - 7 rue de l'échelle, 75001 Paris


ARTCHIV allows designers and multi-brand stores from all over the world to clear out their old collections at private sales pop-up stores located in the very heart of Paris.

During these private sales events, the collections presented (discontinued items, old collections, press returns, customer returns, etc.) are proposed at outlet prices from 30% up to 70% off their regular price.

ARTCHIV wants to differentiate itself from existing private sales deals by offering not only major brands but also contemporary designers with premium and ethical positioning (French and European manufacturing, one-of-a-kind pieces, small series, upcycling, eco-friendly manufacturing, etc.).

Pop-up store Rivoli
Pop-up store Rivoli

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Vernissage Artyrie
Vernissage Artyrie

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Pop-up store Rivoli
Pop-up store Rivoli

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Each purchase at L'Artyrie Outlet
1 tree planted

As we all know, the fashion industry is an industry that pollutes and uses a lot of natural resources.

No matter how eco-friendly it may be, the development of a fashion brand inevitably entails a significant carbon footprint.

As a result, L'Artyrie has decided to take concrete action by committing to planting a tree for every purchase made at our ARTCHIV events.


This means that the carbon footprint required to manufacture the item being purchased can be reduced by planting a tree.

This mission is accomplished through a partnership with Planète Urgence, a non-profit organization operating in 19 countries and supported by over 10,000 volunteers. Thanks to the different actions that have been implemented, Planète Urgence has already succeeded in planting more than 10 million trees and distributing more than 175,000 school supply kits.


 Normandy Hotel
- Palazzo Room (ground floor)-

7 rue de l'échelleé

75001 Paris

10/11/12 DECEMBER 2021

 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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