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The benefits of the "Gift Room".

List your brand in FiftyFifty private sales to acquire new customers and boost your sales by giving a community of targeted buyers a 50% flash discount for 50 minutes every 5th of the month.

How does it work? .

The L'Artyrie team is at your side to support you in integrating your products and monitoring the partnerships in the "Gift Room".


The 4-step process allows you to develop influencer partnerships in a calm and efficient manner:  

1.Check that your brand meets our eligibility conditions to integrate the FiftyRoom (see conditions here) 

2. Complete the application form then a member of the fiftyteam will contact you ​

3. If your brand is eligible, we will set up your sale together (choice of the month of the private sale, selection of items for private sale, etc.)

4. When the private sale opens on the 5th of the month, our customer community has access to your selection of items with a 50% discount 

5. Once your sale is complete, we do a debrief together and charge you the 10% commission on your sales having used the fiftycode ​

Our "Gift Room" packages.

To join the "Gift Room" as a brand, you can choose between the 4 options below.
With our "Gift Room" system, it is the influencers who submit the gift requests, so the collaborations are free of charge and you will not have to pay anything else apart from your package.
Once integrated into the Gift Room, you will have a dedicated PR agent who will keep you informed of gifting requests from influencers (see the gifting process).

 - Test the concept of the Gift Room by taking advantage of a free trial month without commitment. -

"Gifted or your money back : Over the 6 months we commit to a minimum of 15 gifting requests from influencers.
If we fail to deliver 15 gifting requests, we will refund your 6 month subscription.

Trademark registration form .

For its "Gift Room", L'Artyrie selects established brands and emerging designers in the fashion, beauty, decoration and lifestyle sectors (see the brands already present in the showroom)

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