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  • ORIGIN : UK, 2018

  • KEY WORDS : Men's Accessories, Luxury Wallets, Craftsmanship and Sustainability

  • POINTS OF SALE : Wolf & Badger

Conceived in 2018, Our aim is to redefine the meaning of luxury in Menswear and align the future of fashion to focus on Craftsmanship and Sustainability.

The initial idea was a result of a realisation that most men's accessories are uninspiring and drab. There’s a void to fill; an opportunity to bring texture, color, craftsmanship to the modern refined man. Drawing innovation and inspiration where Western and Eastern art & culture intersect. Both our passion and business are driven by the set of guidelines that enable us to remain true to our values. Read about them in the section - "Our Guiding Principles".

Keeping true to our ethos we work with local craftsmen and produce all prototypes locally in Gloucestershire, England. This helps us to quickly evaluate the functional aspect as well as the aesthetics of the design. The iterative process of improvement is carried out until we are happy with the quality of the product. Any small scale production is retained in UK and is done by our local artisans.

We engage with our factory based in the Tuscany region of Italy for production that has a minimum quantity requirement of at-least 100 pieces. This company has been making handmade luxury leather goods for over thirty years. Our products are then made by hand in small batches by the finest artisans of Italy that are renown for their craftsmanship. This ensures the highest standards of excellence are maintained. And our demand for perfection is met.


  • Minimum order  : 1000 €
    *On the entire collection of the designer

  • Estimated delivery date: 30 days

  • Resumption of unsold products
    ​​*Exhibit the merchandise for free in your store and return the unsold items within 6 weeks at our expense (maximum €1000 of merchandise - subject to approval)

  • Payment in several installations or within 60 days
    ​​*Payment facilities subject to approval by our team

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