L'Artyrie Showroom x Normandy Hotel .

Showroom Artyrie

Hotel Normandy - Suite 314/315 (3ème étage)
254 rue St-Honoré

75008 Paris


Located in the heart of the Parisian Golden Triangle between the Rue St-Honoré and the Boulevard de l'Opéra, this establishment, which belongs to the Machefert group (whose other prestigious establishments include the Kube Paris and St-Tropez, the Murano Resort, 1K Paris, etc.), provides new, luxurious and atypical experiential venues.

Since 2019, the Machefert Group has sought to shake up the codes of the hotel industry by transforming the Normandy Hotel into an experimental concept and borrowing the codes of the "construction site".


L'Artyrie's concept store has today become a key player in the discovery and promotion of new talent. As part of this continuity, L'Artyrie will showcase a selection of new brands in a permanent showroom located in the heart of Paris at the Normandy Hotel.

Therefore, just like a giant concept store, the rooms of the Normandy Hotel are transformed into a new conceptual place similar to a village, including a luxurious Spa by Helena Rubinstein, a state-of-the-art gym, designer boutiques, a barbershop, restaurants, etc.


All these concepts gathered in the same place will work together to establish a creative and dynamic synergy around this must-see establishment at the very heart of Paris. As part of the development of this new hotel concept, the Normandy Hotel has entrusted L'Artyrie with the most beautiful suite on the 3rd floor, which overlooks the rooftops of Paris, to install its new designer showroom.

This choice of location is not a mere coincidence. In addition to its central location within the Parisian Golden Triangle, the hotel, located on rue St-Honoré and facing rue de Rivoli, benefits from a creative synergy by standing next to the biggest luxury brands in the area: Vivienne Westwood, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Balenciaga, APC, Stone Island, Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, The Kooples, Fusalp, Ba&sh, etc.


No matter whether it is tourists visiting Paris, Parisians on a shopping spree around the major fashion houses, or fashion professionals coming to explore the new inspirations of the designers, this establishment is located at the very heart of the creative dynamism of Paris.


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